• Ryan Walker

Project Two: Now Open to Investors

Project two will be a multi-family property located in the heart of Prague. The investment will contain a minimum of 16 units including flats and commercial spaces for businesses on the ground level.

Project Information

Location: Prague City Center - Hlavni Mesto Praha

Property Type: Multi-Family Residential Building

Number of Units: Minimum of 16 family units and a minimum of 1 commercial unit

Year of Entry: 2022

Maturity: 2027

Funding Target: 30,000,000czk

Property Purchase Value Target: 100,000,000czk

Investment Strategy: Acquire, renovate and upgrade, increase NOI through rents, build a steady tenant base, refinance, hold for long term appreciation.

Targeted Internal Rate of Return: 8%

Payment Frequency: At Maturity

The Team:

  1. Professional property management firm with an excellent reputation that seeks to maintain flat occupancy over 95% and stable profitability

  2. Experienced commercial real estate law firm to carefully draft each contract and protect your money

  3. Seasoned accounting firm to distribute cash flows and pay-offs to you -the investor - including yearly earnings reports ensuring transparency

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